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Lessons learned from the recent Baguio climb

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines   | February 25, 2015

Happy EDSA rev (29th year)

Where is the Spirit of Edsa 1986 (did we just replace the dictators with new ones, the commissioners, but used the old system and values)

In biking, it can never happen that we use the old system to achieve outstanding results.  Certainly we should have learned our lessons.  Some interviews show lead us to some lessons:

1.  Invest in a trainer.  Vhen has one (given/courtesy of Engr. June)   Tito plans to buy one.  You can practice a lot of things on the trainer:   leg speed, sprint, ILT and a lot more.  Not to mention being able to practice on a rainy day.

2.  Hydrate often,  Eat every two hours.  Or bring along chocolate, banana, or even rice cakes.  Drink before you feel thirsty, eat before you feel drained out.

3.  Eat well, sleep early before the big event -  the climb or the race.  I understand, many were not able to sleep well at the Hotel Inn in Urdaneta.

4.  Save the best for the last.    Avoid sprinting with the group on the way.  Many felt drained because they raced all the way from Valenzuela to Urdaneta.

5.  LIghten your load from Camp 6:  remove heavy objects from your body and the bike - even remove your helmet.

In climbing Kennon, take it easy up to Camp 6.  Ride slowly but surely.  Save the best from Camp 6 up to Baguio City  Some who were not able to finish were "gigil" and had cramps.

Above all practice practice practice:

1.  Our practice should be a minimum of 30 km before alighting (so that means from AR to Halayhayin -  Pisong Kape)

2.  The average ride on weekend should last 100 km (50 km one way) So that is AR to Mabitac, or AR to Jalajala cemetery.  Occasionally, we have the really long rides:  to Tagaytay, Real, Pagsanjan, etc so that our neuromuscular habits get used to fatigue and riding to the limits.

3.  Hill climbs should include:

    1.  Diversion road in Cardona (this is just like the smooth road finish 25 km to BC in Kennon)

    2.  Olalia

    3.  Bosoboso

    4. Cabrera road going to Antipolo.  The last climb bend is typical of Kennon gradient.

    5. Angono Mahabang Parang.  It is as tough as Kennon road

   6.  Sampaloc road.

Our practice should have covered at least 5/6 of these

The following rides could incorporate all the above 3:

1. Sampaloc ride

2.  Sierra Madre ride;

3.  Tagaytay city ride;

4.  Famy/or Real ride.

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