Sunday, April 3, 2016

We had a great ride yesterday to Wind turbine farm in Bugarin with MTB kapadyak of Richard

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines
April 3, 2016

Richard Ang invited me via FB pm, and I joined yesterday a group ride to Wind Turbine farm in Bugarin Pililla.  Assembly was 5:30 Jollibee Angono downtown.  Most of the riders were there at 5:30, except for Richard who came some 10 minutes later.  We met up with two other riders from San Carlos and off we went.  Our first stop was at Simples Lugawan (well they did not eat there)  We rested there for 10 minutes.  Nolite arrived there too.

Then we proceeded to Hacienda Pisong Kape, then to Bugarin.  I had a chance to have buko at OL where I waited for them to arrive and then to wind turbine farm.   There was a lot of picture taking and fun too.

One can not but marvel at the size and might of the wind turbine.  They are all ready functioning but not interconnected yet to the grid.  Sayang ang power.  We went home by 10:00.  We stopped at the Cardona Morong pit stop where we had some cold drinks (Lemon Soda at 10 pesos each)

In order to take their pictures, I had to sprint ahead of them, gain  by say 1 to 2 minutes to set up for the pics.  I was tired:   one in Calllahan, one in Baras Tanay boundary hill, one in Biak na bato, and one at OL.

Hera are some embedded picture from FB:

Group pics at the #Altenergy wind turbine farm at #Bugarin
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