Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Bike ride yesterday with Gelo to Antipolo

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines
April 20, 2016

We Angelo Mahigop who is from Batanes and Bo. Pag asa in Binangonan rode  yesterday  and I together to Antipolo City.  We had MTB. (He has a fixie too)  He is in his twenty's, young and light in body weight.

We met at Shell Aurora at 6:00 am and he is apprehensive because this will be his first Antipolo ride.  I told him since he has climbed Diversion, Antipolo is a piece of cake.  I told him that if ever he finds need to stop, we will stop.

We overtook about a dozen MTB including a road biker and we did not stop until past Beverly Hills,  And we resumed and I told him to be ahead, he left me by 50 meters, without him standing up.

We went to the church, had his bike blessed.  He conversed with a biker from Rosario, an ex PA man Johnny who had a GTS bike with 42 gear.   He said he and several others biked up to Baguio on a night ride.  They left at 4 pm and arrived at Baguio at 10 am the following day.  He said this is better because there is not much traffic and cooler.  It is hot these days to bike

Night ride to Baguio City anyone?

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