Thursday, April 28, 2016

Bike ride to Jalajala today.

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines
April 28, 2016

Despite the extreme noontime heat, biking goes on.  I left at 6:00 am today, just aiming to go to Pisong Kape in Pililla I brought the SARS bike with large gears (11 - 36, 2 x 10, 53 39)   I am happy with this set up because I try occasionally pedal with heavy gears at 53 x 13 or 53 x 11, and I can now move the bike at speed at this gears.

I was in Morong by 7:00 am, had breakfast and started for Pililla by 7:30.  Was in Pililla by 8 and started for Jalajala by 8:15,  was in Jalajala by 9:00 and was back at Pililla by 9:30. Was home by a little past 11:00

I am happy because I am still fit, because I do not get dizzy yet because of the heat. And I could feel my legs and thighs getting stronger  

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