Sunday, April 17, 2016

I had bike ride with Gelo and Reymond; friends at Wawa Ecopark

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines
April 7, 2016

We had a bike ride last Friday with some of acquaintances at Wawa ecopark:  Gelo:   a young artist with MTB (Trinx) and Reymond (who used to work at household at Forbes of the King family -  Kings Court, Anito and Victoria Court) who has a Mosso rode bike which had Durace group set. He got it from one of the King scion.  (I told him Rappler got me as an authority on Victoria court Interview by Rappler on Victoria Court

We met at 6:00 am at Shell Pag - Asa (Gelo lives at Pedro Cruz which just had a big fire last Saturday) and Reymond lives at Paceo Blanco near LTO)  I brought my SAVA bike with me.  We rode up to Maybancal Morong and had lugaw at Simples.  On the way back we rode through diversion.  There, the two left me on the second bend but I overtook them before the Crystal East entrance.  I left them also at LLDA, but they left me from Darangan to Tayuman

We then went to the place of Reymond.  Reymond used to live in Mandaluyong. they are from Puerto Princesa Palawan.   He is now a full tme student taking up criminology.  His brother bought a 4 storey house in Paseo Blanco and they are renovating the house.  His brother works at ME.  I there learned too that Gelo hails from Sabtang Batanes. (I happened to have toured with the family Puerto Princesa and Batanes.)

I requested Reymond to buy me a powerful 3,000 candle light rechargeable LED bike lamp in Quiapo.  (He told me this morning when I met him on my way back from Morong  that he bought it all ready last Friday)  Yesterday, he was at Wawa and brought the flashlight with him.

Today, Sunday is the birthday of Reymond and he invited us to attend his handa.

Happy birthday - Reymond.

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