Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Warranty service for the SAVA MTB

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines
April 19, 2016

I had issues with the SAVA MTB beginning last Sunday.  The front wheel wont turn freely as is rotated.   It will turn only for 3 to 5 turns and stop.  (If this is was an issue when we climbed the wind turbine in Bugarin, then I could have done better)

I thought it was about the brake. I tried to open the front hub and found out that it was a little bit stuck. I could not open the hub with my tools so I loosened the hub and oiled it, and placed some grease. It turned a bit much looser.

I brought it anyway to the bike shop, Villamayor parts where I bought it and the mechanic Vito,  He said there is a service warranty  He removed the hubs (we have the same tool, and regreased the ball bearings.)  I could have done it myself.

ISSUES SOLVED.   Sava MTB  is ok again

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