Tuesday, April 12, 2016

My newly installed 10 speed chain broke at Diversion and I had to do a triathlon on the way home

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines
April 12, 2016

I was supposed to be simple uenventful ride a recovery one, a light ride to Baras, could have been back by 10 am.  But I arrived at 11:30 because I did a triathlon.  On the way back from Morong, going via the diversion road, my newly installed chain  snapped.  I had to look for somebody with pliers to get back the chain together.  I found one at a vulcanizing shop before Callahan. I managed to get the chain back.  My plan was to walk up the hill, and then coast down, put the gear in low low ratio so as not to force the weak chain connection.  So I did that in Callahan, Look, and LLDA.  It was fine going until Darangan when I had it fixed by a bike shop.  I shifted up before Pantok and the chain was left on the road.  Fortunately, I found it.  I had to walk till Bilibriran.  From Bilibiran till Pag asa, the Villamayor Bike Parts, The installation was made in Angono and Vito said the there was poor fit of the pin. I had to shove my legs on the road (a la trolley scooter) to speed up the face and lessen damage to the biking shoes.

So next time, always bring a chain tool, even if you have a brand new chain.

It was triathlon because there was biking event, walking, and then dousing oneself with plenty of water. (swimming)

Vito reinstalled the chain using the missing link this time. Upa- pang kape

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