Tuesday, April 19, 2016

High intensity rechargeable Bike King bike lamps

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines
April 19, 2016

                            The LED output could be focused because the flashlight is telescopic

I recently acquired through new friends Reymond Pactao who studies in Quiapo a Bike King rechargeable high intensity LED flashlight.  It has a bike mount. It cost P350 with the bike mount  The extra battery set me back by P100 and the charger P50.00   It is made of aluminum  tube and LED and emits 12,000 lumens of light power.  The flash light can be zoomed.  It found it to be useful and to my liking.  You can use this as an ordinary flashlight

                                           The charger the carrying case and spare battery

                                           It has sturdy aluminum body with clip for everyday use

                                             The green button is the switch

                                            The bike king LED lamp mounted on the bike mount

                                              Top view of the bike king Lamp

                                                  The charger

                                             Spare battery

                                             Used by snipers?

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