Friday, April 22, 2016

Bike ride today with Reymond and Gelo

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines
April 22, 2016

                             Gelo and Reymond;  I sold Gelo
                              the red shorts, the tops and helmet

We, Gelo and Reymond rode to Baras today.  We set at 6:00 am from Pag asa Shell station and we were back by 9:00.   It is distance of 44 km out and back.

We rode out to Baras and then came back for lugaw and coffee at Simples lugawan. Reymond paid for the Lugaw.  We met Papa Ric there.

Reymond chased a duo from BCC up to Morong.  I stuck with Gelo who may be discouraged by going with fast bikers.  I waited for him at Callahan and at Maybancal.

I did some sprints at:   Callahan, between Morong and Cardona, between Lagundi and Baras and at Calumpang on the way back.

                              Lady joggers at Callahan

               Gelo pumping up at Callahan near ice plant

                           Gelo at Morong Mun Building

                Gelo and Reymond at Simples Lugawan

                            JB and Gelo

                              JB, Gelo and Papa Ric

                          60s, 20s and 80s

               JB is 64 turning 65, Gelo is 21, Papa Ric is 83

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