Sunday, January 24, 2016

My MTB ride today January 24, 2016

Wheels of Happiness

Angono, Rizal Philippines
January 24, 2016

I rode the SAVA MTB today, no shoes only tsinelas.  Idol si Pablong Tsinelas I first went up to Antipolo Church and tried to line up for the blessing of articles.  But the line was long for cars, religious articles (does this include bike).  The archdiocese is well organized for the blessing business.  The seminarians are in a booth, and there are two booths with long lines of devotees who line up to pay, and who line up to get blessing

Going to Taytay Palengke, I raced with two commuting MTBs (ayaw padaig)  Going up Antipolo, I overtook all except one road rider (23 pa biggest cog)  A Villamayor mechanic Veto said he met me at Beverly and said I was walking with my bike.  Jejeje.  Poor eyesight.

Going to Teresa, I also passed other riders (MTB) including one who was riding a Giant MTB and with Giant jersey.  However, going downhill at Teresa, he passe me.  He overtook on a curve (zigzag ang Teresa) because I would collide head on with a trailer.  So I just allowed him.

I finished my ride with a huffing and puffing at Cardona diversion.   You really get stronger and more adventuresome (no fear) when you ride a mt. bike.   You do not fear the ruts, and bumps, and places that do not have roads.

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