Saturday, January 2, 2016

The price paid for the SAVA MTB is just the price of the carbon frame; and other comments on the SAVA bike

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines
January 2, 2016

I had as my first bike ride for the year the ride to Antipolo Church to listen to the 8+ mass.   I rode the SAVA MTB using the hard gear 44 and did not shift to lower gear.   I had the 28 to 32 cogs employed at Beverly and the final bend.

While at the Antipolo church I had the following kuwento:

                                 Pictures of the SAVA 580 MTB bike

1.  The MTB pundits immediately judged that the MTB bike I rode on is a carbon fiber bike!  Why because there are no joints nor welds. (True enough I reviewed the bike sticker and it said 'INTEGRATED SYNTHESIS) meaning to say the bike was formed using a single mold, unlike other carbon fiber whose members (even the Italian brands) are merely glued together to the head post and bottom bracket from individually formed carbon fiber parts/tubes.

How much did I pay?.  About P26,000

 From whom -  it was a very special price because the owner is a relative at J (thats a Jorge) Villamayor Bike Parts in Pag-asa Binangonan Rizal.  The MTB pundit, a hardcore rider with full sus, said that alone is for the carbon fiber frame and the other parts just came with it free.  That was the same thing told me by the mechanic/marketing of Villamayor.  May he be introduced to the relative.

Another pundit said that the bike is good for xc racing very light and strong.  He said I should have taken a much shorter frame because that pays off in the final stages or end of the race - "puwedeng iwagwag ang bike"

2.   The MTBs are really strong at downhill.  Some roadies overtook me going down at the one way portion up to Las Brisas.  However, at Fairmount, I staged a chase and left them at Palmera Village. They overtook me again at the rotunda at Tikling.  But then again, the heavier but faster bike passed them

Happy New Year

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