Sunday, January 3, 2016

Exploring a whole new world/new trails/road less taken at MTB

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines
January 3, 2016

With a MTB  1.  you lose fear of climbing like that of Cardona diversion;   2.  you are encouraged to explore trails and new destination unreachable by roadie.

I did such a ride a while ago. Coming from Morong, I passed at Cardona diversion.  After passing the Crystal East subdivision and Sunshine Fiesta community I remember there was a trail contest done several years back.  So I tried entering that trail that led into an abandoned rice field.  For me not used to such a road, I had to pick my lines carefully.  The dirt trail lead to a paved road which later I learned led to Mambog.  For a long long time, I knew Mambog barrio in Binangonan but never knew its interior.  There are steep portions of the road (2) which were easy to negotiate using 32 x 30 or 32.  Just slow patient pedalling and soon you are over the hill/hump.

It was a nice experience to take the road less taken.

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