Saturday, January 30, 2016

Upgrading the MTB so soon?

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines
January 30, 2016

I saw Boyeth Flores, the star mechanic of Haooh bikeshop in Taytay.  He showed me an MTB for which the owner he said, spent over P120,000 and which is being sold for only P60,000 now.  It is loaded with a Fox roadshock, (he said worth P20,000 -  I looked up the prices in $ and was around $400.00) with Eaton aluminum wheelset worth P40,000.  (about 1.6 kg) with conti 2 " tires.  It had carbon fiber bar and seatpost. It comes with XT group set (equivalent of Ultegra - about P25,000?) with 11 to 36 cogs.     It could easily weigh 10 kg only.  It is mouth watering in terms of what high tech and expensive items are in the bike.  It could easily improve the road handling and ride ability of the bike being lighter.

However how do i finance the upgrade.  Boyeth suggested that I sell my Sava (only 12 kg for P25,000) and my Ultegra loaded road bike for another P25,000;   and I fork over P10,000  So I have two great bikes...

What do you think?

Is upgraditis good for me?

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