Saturday, June 3, 2017

Some riders/kapadyaks mistook me to be the owner of Bikers World Bikeshop in Binangonan

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines
June 3, 2017

New Bike Shop in Town 0932 386 9519

I think it was Sec. Noe who joked about me as the owner of the said store, for the great things I said about the store,   Then the owner himself said a buyer was looking for me as he bought from the store, thinking too that this post owned the store.   The other day, Wednesday, it was Supremo whom I met while I was descending SCH antenna who also thought the same and was asking for a discount on top of the very low price that is being offered in the store.

I told him that I am not the owner of the store and I will call text the owner:   Mr. Glenn Diestro.  He said he will buy entry level MTB say XIX or Trinx.  I later called up Glenn who said he will take care of Supremo Armin Zapanta

It is Mr Glenn Diestro who owns the store,  He is an entrepreneur from Angono. He will answer the cp that is listed on the post

New Bike Shop in Town 0932 386 9519

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