Friday, June 23, 2017

Celebrating birthday with a long ride

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Rizal Philippines
June 23, 2017

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Birthday cycling inspiration

I celebrated my 6 years after being senior last Tuesday by doing a long bike ride.  I planned to do a one way ride equivalent to my age.   So that would be riding up to Kalayaan (near the hydro power plant)  However, right after I reached Mabitac (the plain after Bugarin) it started to rain and I had to turn back.  I would have probably done only 45 km one way (21 km short)   On the way back about 11 am, it was all ready to shot.  The ride back going home took me 2.5  hours.  I got a flat tire in Calumpang.  There  was no puncture but the patches probably peeled off during the extreme heat.

The extreme heat (I all ready saw blue as I biked near home) let me decide not to join the long ride to San Felipe on Saturday

Celebrate your birthday on your bike

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