Sunday, May 3, 2015

Recyclists ride back to Angono yesterday May 2 2015; temp was at 40 again en route from Daang Hari to home

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines May 3, 2015

                   Ready to leave for Angono from Manangquil beach resort in Nasugbu Batangas

Pacman lost to a better more talkative fighter.  Will there a rematch for even bigger price money?  We are all suckers to as P.T Barnaum said and may be Bob Araum. Nothing is free now;  only PPV to view great fights and even $10,000 ringside seats.  Thanks to all the hype, events become more expensive

So we rode back yesterday to see the fight.  We decided to leave early, considering that the ride back from Tuy was all uphill - 20 km and the heat would sap all our strength.  So we decided to sleep early May 1, 2015, wake at 3 am the following day, and leave at 5:30

Most of us woke at 3 am and we had great breakfast cooked by the resort staff.   Pritong tuyo, scrambled egg, 3 in 1 Nescafe, and fried rice - left over from last nights dinner of rice and sinigang na buto ng baboy

By 5:30 we were all ready.  We left at 5:40 after the prayers.   (Someone remarked that Nolite who used to rush people to leave was there - that was me.   Defensively I said we agreed on that and it was a duty to remind every one of the agreed schedule)

This party was late and left behind because he took pictures of the sugar central and a memorial park.

However at 6 km before Sandari,Batulao, JB caught up with Jimmy who was truggling, and then about 2 km, Meong. He caught up later on with Vhen and Master.  Master remarked daw that I might ride. Vhen said JB always finishes his contfract.  From Sandari Batulao, it was 3 to 4 km to the boundary  We were at Sandari by 7:30 and arrived at Tagaytay by 7:55.  Our estimate time of 2: hours going back up to Tagaytay was correct.  It was rather challenging ride. There were no less than 12 hill crests, and I would judge, it is an event like going up Baguio.

We had to wait for Jimmy who rode the Defender up to Tagaytay from Sandari Batulao

Them we rode to Rotonday and we agreed to meet at Silang near the Robinson Place.  I was slowed down by too many picture taking of places. subdivision entrance flowers.  Fortunately, Vhen and  Jimmy got lost - they went to Peoples Park, instead of turning left to Aguinaldo//Silang.  We were there at about 10:30.  We decided that we would stop at McDo Daang Hari for lunch.

We were together from Silang up to Greenwoods, Paliparan but we lost track of them near Avida.  They said they flew at 40 to 45 km (the Halimaws took over).  We assembled near AllHomes and everybody was there. It was 1100 at maybe the temp was 40 degrees all ready.  We were were at Mcdo by 11:15.  However, Jimmy and Meong were nowhere to be seen.  I remember though that I passed them about 3 km till McDo.

We had our lunch at McDo and my bill ran up to P140 because I had  to order another large orange dink.   12:00 and no Meong and Jimmy still.  We decided to leave.  The temp was hot and broiling.  We asked for some ice and water from Mcdo to cool us.  I rode with Master up to C6 where we caught up with Vhen who was pushing a cement bulk carrier

We were at Alabang by 12:30, at Sucat by 1:00,, Bicutan by 1:15, Highway 2000 by 1:30 and were in Angono by 2:00 pm. Still Meong and Jimmy. It was pretty fast ride going home.  We kidded that everybody longs for matsalap na bulaklak

Anyway they texted VM that they were Ok and were just taking it easy because of the murderous heat.

                            Having coffee at early morning

                   Some wore their jersey for May 2 ride while having breakfast it was all ready 5 am

                                  Coconut trees and Talisay trees provided some shade at the resort

                               That is where we rested and ate for the night and early morning

                                Steam spews out from the sugar mill in Nasugbu

                             Taking such pics slow me down and I am left behind by the peloton

                                  jWe were at Tuy it was 6:00 am

                                 San Anton mem park

                               This party passed the duo before Sandari Batulao


                                      3 to 4 km from Tagaytay, taking a pee

                                     The Nasugbu Tagaytay boundary

                            Waiting for Jimmy

                                         Our bikes taking a rest;  Meong fixes a flat tire

                                   Master and Gerry;   that is my bike and that of Vhen

                               Armin checks his smartphone

                              Group pic at Silang at pa Y near Robinson place it was 9:30


                         Armin just finished his lunch it was 11:15

                          We had this portion of McDo Daang Hari almost all to ourselves

                                  Having refreshments at Highway 2000.  It was 1:27

                                      Our faces and arms were badly sunburned

                       Arrival at Holy Gardens;  retrieving backpacks

                              Residue from inhaling dirty air during the ride

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