Saturday, May 30, 2015

Riding with tough but old riders today May 30, 2015

Wheels of Happiness

Angono, Rizal     May 30, 2015

This writer set early for Bugarin today.  By 6:30 today, he was past Morong and by 7:00 am was at Pililla. On the way up Pililla, I saw Abet Mateo who would buy beef from Bugarin.

On the way from Morong, he rode with Black Eye Rosario, He said he was close to guys from Angono, especially Julius Rivera (the driver of Jorge Araneta, who perished from a MC accident last Christmas) about 59 y.o and said he was part of the  Angono, Taytay, Cainta team.  He knew VM.  I tried to be ahead of him, but he stuck close even with MTB.  When we reached Pisong Kape, he told me we were doing 30 to 40 kph.  Wow. I could not believe that.

After having lugaw with egg as breakfast at Pisong Kape, I rode up Bugarin.  I noted that all the 27 wind turbine have been installed. The camera was not with me.  I should have taken their pictures.... I rode with Sonny Baarde with whom I have some real estate dealing.  He told me of his experience riding one day only to Lucban, Quezon and how many avoid joining him.  Sonny who used to be the President of Baras Bikers Club is a strong rider.... He said he just wanted to make kuwento with me as he inched our way up to Bugarin.

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