Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Attending appointments riding bike

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines   May 19, 2015

I attended a meeting yesterday at Tiendesitas Motor City area.  The meeting was scheduled at 7:30.  Knowing that it was a Monday morning, and knowing how traffic at C5 has been bad lately (ever since they allowed a traffic light at Lanuza - who thought of that?  It was better during BF's time  C5 was a haven for motorist, and respite vs. Edsa.)

I decided I would go to the meeting site,  riding a bike.  True enough, I was there at 7:30.   Traffic was all ready bad near the Megawide factory (there is an on going road construction, and the curve is a bottleneck), the Highway 2000 (the automatic mode was over ridden by traffic enforcer), at Stella Maris, and of course at C5.

In the days to come, bike ride would be a better alternative to MC for commuting.

Dont you think so?  For many factory and construction workers, bike ride (MTB) has been their way of commuting.

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