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Recyclist ride to Nasugbu, Batangas on May 1 to 2, 2015

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines, May 3, 2015

Its Mayweather Pacman fight today.  Pacman lost to Mayweather by unanimous decision.  But who cares, they earned millions in the fight of the century ($150 million each due to the hype and all the hee hawing etc) It is the time for May weather;  it is May anyway.

But kidding aside, 12 Recyclists labored it out to Naugbu May 1 and 2, a total distance of 240 km both ways, the peak of which was at 40 degrees Centigrade (when we were biking from Tagaytay City on May 1, from 1 pm to 3 pm., and from Daang Hari to home on May 2. Those were the hottest day of the year (will it get hotter than that)

Twelve showed up for this ride:  Armin, Echo, Jess, VM, Master, Joel, Gerry,Vhen, Jimmy, Meong, Jorgeusbiker, and Jeff.  Our Pres Luis did not show because he had LBM and fever as per his text

Chrononogy of ride

May 1

5:40 leave for Taytay

5:50 arrive in Taytay;   meet Joel and  and Master

6:00 leave for C6 Bicutan

6:50  arrive Camp Bagong Diwa

7:15 leave for Alabang Daang Hari

7:30  arrive Shell Alabang Zapote Road (may gagawin si Echo) stand by at Cycling Zone

7:45 leave Shell for Daang Hari

8::10 arrive Daang Hari Molino

8:20 leave Daang Hari

9:00 arrive at first feed zone near GMA;  wait for JImmy who bought shades

9:30 leave Wilcon

10:00  arrive Silang Seaoil station, buy Korean ice drop and drinks

10:30 leave Sea Oil

11:15 arrive at 7 11 at Tagaytay Rotonda wait for Meong and Jimmy

12:00 leave for 3rd feed zone near boundary of Tagaytay and Nasugbu

12:45 arrrve at  feedzone

1:10 leave for Nasugbu some 39 km away

2:00 arrive at Tuy

2:30  arrive at Nasugbu;  took some drinks we Meong, Jimmy and Vhen had P15 halohalo

3:00  arrive at Mananquil beach resort

7:00 dinner of sinigang  and plenty of rice

9:30 lights out  

There were plenty of mosquitoes though - the real mosquitoes and the karaoke pests who sang till the wee hours of the mornng at full volunme.  God blerss their soul (They must be high on drugs!!!

Some of the pictures:

Assembly at Holy Gardens

                                  Meong, Vhen, VM and Armin

                                  Jess, Meong, Vhen and Jeff

At Meg
                            Echo, Jeff, Vhen Meong and Joel

                        Group pic:  Gerry, Armin, Echo, Jimmy, Jeff, Vehn, Meong, Joel and VM

                              Master arrives, they said, nagpapaligo pa raw at 5:30

                                        Prayer before departure

                                  Riding through C6 entrance from Highway 2000

                                    Armin looking great, one of the Halimaws

                               That was Joel;  the Defender 110 driven by Mat was our back again

                                         Jimmy had a flat tire at C6 and had to be assisted

                       Joel, Vhen and Master lend moral support to Jimmy

              jFirst stop in front of Camp Bagong Diwa - we had water, boiled egg and saging na saba

 At Shell Alabang

                                Window shopping for bike at still closed Cycling Zone

                            Jeoel, Gerry and VM admiring some of the bikes on display

                             This Katana bike has attachment for a much stronger site - the bottom bracket

                                    Jimmy window shopping (literally)

                                2 Js   Jeff and Jorgeusbiker

                                            Other two Js:   Joel and Jess

                                  Joel and Vhen (wiping his tears este sweat)

                                     Joel's bibingka (there was still plenty left until May 2)

Butt views going up from Silang to Tagaytay

                              They were all shy showing their faces

                                    Matt said he could not take front view pics

                                Waiting for Jimmy at 711 Tagaytay rotonda

                                 jVhen and Meong (he had unscheduled stop too 5 km before Tagaytay city


Stop for lunch near Tagaytay city Nasugbu boundary

                                  It was second time we had lunch here;  the frrst time it was Lemery ride

                         We ate lunch together, Vhen and Master


                                     VM and Armin

                        Meong and Jimmy;   after this meal, they would be at peloton

                                  Preparing to leave for Nasugbu

 Initially, we got the impression from the Tagaytay road signs that from Tagaytay, Nasugbu is but 13 km away. It was to the boundary - the welcome arch.   It is about 39 pa. Fortunately from Tagaytay City, they are mostly downhill and we rode at 50 to 60 km

At Nasugbu

 Vhen, Jimmy and Meong and I had P15 halohalo at this spot;  the food server's name was Mary Jane

                  Entering the Manangquil beach resort;  not much changed in beach resort in Nasugbu

                                   Undressing and fixing things at the beach house

                                   Gerry and Joel preparing to sing

                                Joel in his element

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