Monday, September 8, 2014

My bike ride today, September 7, 2014

Wheels of Happiness

Happy Marian Day September 7, 2014

6:30  Left house

6:40   Arrived at Sacred Heart Parish said a little prayer for safe riding.   It was all ready consecration

7:20 Met Mr. Sta Ana of CAC at Cardona.  He passed me at Callahan, and could not catch with him downhill and then I caught up with him at Km 44

7:35 -  arrived at Simples Lugawan and had breakfast

Those who joined:   Choco2, Val, VM, Pres Luis, Tito, Gerry Y, Gerry K, Master E,  Angel,  Jayjay, Alan, Jess Verchez

8:15 left for Pisong Kape and had little sprint with the REcyclists

9:00 reached the  OL with Jess, Master, Pres Luis, Joel and Danny.  I rode with Pres Luis from Km 57 up to OL

9:30  descend.   I passed the guy in Pinarello Dogma at about km 60 and even caught up and passed Master.

10:00 left Pisong kape.

10:30   We were in Morong at Maybancal.  They raced so they had to consume a lot of rice cakes and nearly finished off the wares of a bibingka vendor

11:30 + we were nearly home

While I thought I was getting better and stronger, the rest of the REcyclists are improving a lot better and I could not keep pace.  I was ahead up to km 52 however when they overtook me at the crest, they were gone.  They must be doing 45 to 50 kph.

                                  Nolite, Tito, Pres Luis and Angel at Pisong Kape

                        Posing at Simples Lugawan:  Jayjay, Luis, Val, Gerry, Choco2 and Alan

                                      Master E arriving at OL

                               Our bikes parked near bukuhan at OL

                              Danny, Alan and Jess Verchez enjoying buko at OL

                                     The guy in red jersey is Joel Tsalap talap

                                   Jess and Pres Luis


                                         Jorgeusbiker and Luis

                                        Jorgeusbiker and Jess

                                      Danny and Joel

                                    Alan and Pres Luis

                                Observing other  bikers suffer the ride up Bugarin

                                    Posing with bikes at OL

                                 Fully booked Pisong Kape with tired and hungry riders

                                  Taytay riders in front of Pisong Kape

                                 After sprinting from Pisong Kape

                                      Quota sa sales ang bibingka lady

                                     Waiting for laggards in front of URS

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