Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Bike ride today to Bugarin September 17, 2014

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines    |  September  17 2014

I biked today to Bugarin (well I planned earlier to just be at Pisong Kape  -  Gerry and Jess were there pala.  I only saw Tito)  I met Rommel (Smith) my cousin) as I was leaving.  He was RIT with his daughter on the way to school.  Hannah, his daughter, can ride MTB very well up to Pisong Kape and up Teresa. He asked if I was riding solo and I said yes

I left at 6:20 this morning and was at Sacred Heart by 6:30.  I was at Morong, Simple's Lugaw by 7:20.   I met two bikers there:  one roadie and another MTB.  One was from Taguig and the other was from Pinagbuhatan Pasig City.  They were going back to Pasig and Taguig because they have job.

I rode out to Pililla by 7:40 and was in Pisong Kape by 8:20  and kept going to Bugarin and was there by 9:20.

In Pililla I overtook a roadie with white jersey approaching the Pililla Municipal Building and did 30 kph until Tanay.  When I looked back, no one was sucking my wheel (did I leave him?)

  Was back to Morong by 10:00 am and had conversation with PNP P01 from Zamboanga and we talked about Rizal Alih and General Batalla and the siege last September 9 by MNLF of Zamboanga City.

In Cardona, I met Edgar (seven days)

I was in Angono by 11: 15 where I met Choco 2 who was with his his Tito Gerry (who left him to collapse going up Bugarin 2 weeks ago.)  He said he biked up to Sampaloc (glad he followed my advice)

That is about 80 kms ride. Good enough for endurance to Caliraya ride?

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