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#Bike Race at #Rosario Pasig City September 28, 2014

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines   September 30, 2014

                    The start and finish life of the criterium

I rode to Antipolo City yesterday.  However at 8:00 o clock, I decided to ride to Pasig City to investigate and take pictures of the probable cause of the last flood in Pasig Ortigas and Cainta.  However past Valley Golf (Gold) I saw Val beside me.  And he said he was riding to Rosario because there was a race.

And Choco choco was joining the race.   He said the group will probably ride to Rosario too. He patiently waited for me to take pictures of the narrow and obstructed creeks at Cainta and near Riverside.  We parted  ways at LIfe Homes. and took pictures of the Manggahan floodway and Pasig River.

                      Val going ahead

And then I rode to Rosario.  I could not find him though.

I just watched the All Pasig MTB race which consisted of 5 laps.  The bike race was prep for the barangay fiesta on October 5 and was sponsored by Councilor Ricky Eusebio.

                      Close up of the finish line tarp

                     So many bikers from all places came

                      Happy Fiesta says the councilor

                       The registration booth for participants

                       Trophies and medals as prizes

                          A late registrant

               A fiesta atmosphere in the midst of poverty

                            The leader of the peloton at 2nd lap

                      The tail ender.

                       Uzis and cheerers

                        2nd lap leader

                              The midpack

                     Another interested viewer, a roadie

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