Saturday, September 26, 2015

Pablos (Tsinelas) advice on Interval training is very demanding - on nutrition and rest

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines
September 26, 2015

I have tried twice the advice of Pablo (Tsinelas) Zarate, the MTB rider who can do 40 kph last Tuesday and today.  I did Antipolo and Cardona diversion last Tuesday.  I did the interval at:    Tower Hills, last ascend to Antipolo before the capitol,   2x near Robinson and before descent to Teresa, before San Guillermo, and after San Guillermo.  No interval at Diversion in Cardona all grant.  Oh yes I did once before the descent..  So 7 interval in all.

Today I rode to Pililla.  The intervals were done past the Convention Center, going up Mambog, going up Callahan, going up Namay, going up Baras Tanay boundary, one before KM 53, KM 55, KM 57 KM 58 (slightly uphill before the Biak na Bato) and final sprint before  Pisong Kape. 9 intervals in all.

My experience with interval training

1.  I need to nap in the afternoon for at least 3 hours;
2.  I need to eat more and more frequently;
3.  My blood sugar is more likely to drop;
4.  My thighs, abs, and butt muscle ache;
5.  Biking now feel much easier and effortless
6  I feel more confident with my riding

My experience with the low gears (11 to 36) is that I am trained to pedal faster (spinning) and I recover faster, I can pedal harder for longer distances and period of time.  I get stronger with my current bike (with triplet) and super lo lo gears. I love it.

I overtook 4 batches of riders on the way to Pililla, and I reached Pililla in exactly one hour.
On the way home, I caught up with  rider with UE jersey.  I had 32 x 17 gear (low gear) spinning he had 34 x 17.

I get stronger with this bike.  No wonder the MTBs ride harder, faster and stronger.


1.  Practice where there is no traffic or risks from vehicles or pedestrians
2.  Be wary of other riders.   Homer of Siniloan told me this at Pililla that he crashed while training somebody on interval training

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