Monday, September 7, 2015

Our bike ride yesterday, September 6, 2015

Wheels of Happiness

September 7, 2015

It was my second ride for the week.  The other one was to Antipolo via Morong and Teresa.  I met the other riders:   Ado and Vhen at Calumpang diversion.  Vhen had a flat tire and said he was with the group that included Richard, Pangskie, Jess.  So I waited for them.  We were together until boundary of Cardona and Morong but then, Ado overtook me.  And Vhen did likewise when we were near the market place.

Well I arrived some seconds later at Maybancal.  Over there were Ernie, Tito Fabay, Erning Mariposa, Master, Gerry Y, Nolite, Pres Luis,Pangskie, Richard, and then of course, Ado and Vhen.  They said we were going to Punta Jalajala (that would be 100 km out and back from Angono)

And so after having the Lugaw, I started out following Nolite.   As I reached Pisong Kape, I went on to Jalajala.   On the way to Punta, Weng and Erning and I was surprised when Weng touched my arm past Jalajala town proper.  That was about 10 am.. They went on probably to do the Jalajala loop but I stopped hoping to see the others come.  They did not.

At 1030, I went back and was at Pisong Kape by 12:00.  I arrived home 1:30.   It was a satisfying ride because I was strarting to develop my aerobic capacity and leg speed for spinning

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