Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Getting stronger with more rides

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines.
September 8 2015

I rode today.  This is supposed to be a recovery ride.  I rode to Km 59 (Halayhayin Pililla) and then back to Morong, than to Teresa.  It was almost 12 when I returned.

I used a different gear though.  I was at 2nd chain ring, 32 and did 32 x 11 most of the time, 32 x 12 and 32 x 15.  I climbed Teresa 32 x 17 and 32 x 19.   I think I am getting stronger with the practice of just maintaining rapid pedalling rate.   My legs have become smaller (less mass with rapid pedalling rate) and I became thinner.  With my weight hovering at 132 and 135 (vs 143 before)  Going up Teresa used to be a chore and scary.  It is no longer as of now.

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