Sunday, July 30, 2017

Pleasant day today for a bike ride; slightly overcast and light breeze

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines
July 30, 2017

Today was a very pleasant day for biking.   The skies was overcast (not much direct sunlight) and light cool breeze blowing from the south (but sometimes it got very windy) due to a reported typhoon system in the north.  It could have a been fine day for biking at US.

I left later than usual, about 7:30 because of  digestive system disorder.  Again I bought the SAVA Ti and rode side by side by a former fellow Taytay rider (whose name I forgot, friend ni Joel)  He had a Ridley carbon fiber bike and he noted that what I had was a Ti.  I even left him at times.  And also I took the Cardona diversion and he took the usual route. He said it was malupit.  Going up Namay Morong, I left him and another companion.

There was no more lugaw at Simples when I arrived (a little over 8:00 am) and just said hello to the husband of Ms. Simple who is having challenges with diabetes.

And then I decided to return home via Teresa and Antipolo.

I happened to ride with two young MTB riders who had Eagle SRAM group.   I was able to catch up and even overtook them really going up Teresa.    But well they were young.  So a 70,000 gear set can not leave you far enough. It is about strength and endurance.  (Am I beginning to lose some of that)

In Antipolo, and going home there were patches of  strong rain, or showers and dry roads. I was able to get home before real rain started to pour  

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