Thursday, July 27, 2017

Enjoying hill climbs with the SAVA ti MTB

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines
July 27, 2017

I did not use the SAVA ti MTB for several months.   But I have been using this since Saturday:  for climb up Medalva, last Sunda for my ride to Bugarin, last Tuesday for the climb of SCH; and yesterday, for climb up to East Ridge.  I relish the ride because of the very low gears (24 lowest for chain rings, and 36 for the rear sprockets).   For Medalva, SCH, and Eastridge, I did not have to use the  24 only the 32 chain rings.  The 32 x 34 or 3 x 36, they were adequate for the climb without being  stressed.    For the Sunday ride, I only used the 42 chain ring even when doing Bugarin.

What did I relish with the SAVA:   it is light and responsive.   The Mosso MTB and the SAVA carbon fiber 580 felt heavy and sluggish.   The SAVA Ti was light and sprightly.  I could even outrun road bike and or run at the same pace as road bikes

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