Sunday, July 23, 2017

Climbing Botong Francisco (Medalva) yesterday together with office mates

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines
July 23, 2017

Our PE yesterday was jogging to Medalva (Botong Francisco highway)  I took the opportunity to test the Sava Ti bike with XT group set, WTB wheel set  and  Manitou fork.  I did 3 x ride up the hill.  I used 32 chain ring and max of only 36 for the steepest part.  For the hill, I used 32 x 32 and it was easy riding.  I did not have to catch my breath, nor be in distress.

I rode it 1x before the ladies climbed;  then I climbed it again as they were walking at the climb;  Then as they were descending, I descended and climbed again the hill  (that is the 3x time)

The weight and  the gears of Sava Ti were perfect for the hill climb.  There were others whom I saw negotiating on an MTB with platito gears (24 chain ring) walking.  The others used 24 chain ring for the climb.

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