Saturday, March 7, 2015

My bike ride this week

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal   March 7, 2015

Last March 5, 2015, I biked to Antipolo Church.  I met Jose there who said it was his first time to bike.  Ever since there was a new mayor in Cainta, he was not so free to bike and arrive late work.   That is good discipline.

Sir VM arrived with the 2014 uniform and the Dogma bike.  We talked for a while and then I had to leave to report at 8:30 for work.

Today, March 7, 2015,  I biked to Malaya.  It is Saturday, and we have work, but I lacked the mileage.  I did not stop at Pisong Kape nor at Pisong Kape, having taken my breakfast at Wawa.

Two bikers (from Pasig) passed me after the Pililla Municipal Hall, and I tried to chase them up to km 58 post at the Y;  shifted to 53 x 19 and stood up.  I did not see them give chase nor stayed close.

On the way back after coming from Malaya and stopping at Carmens Resto, I happened to join 4 bikers (two of them were the two who earlier passed me and whom I attacked).  I caught up with them at the uphill from Pisong Kape and overtook them at Pililla Mun Hall.   Then someone with a cyclocross bike caught up with me at km 58.  Then I passed him again up to San Fabian.   He passed me again and I chased him up to orchids.  And then knowing that they will go by way of Teresa, I gave up the chase at Sagbat.  Nice ride although it was hot

March 8, 2015

           Vhen and Pres Luis at assembly area - Sacred Heart.

                  Joel Tsalap, he has a Mirage G4

                   Pres Luis, Jeff and HanniBal

                  Meong, Gerry and Vhen


                  Jess Joel and Pres Luis

                         Nice backs

I saw a FB post from Pres Luis which says we have to bike to Paete.  Assembly was at 5:30 at Sacred Heart.   I was doubtful starter because of an achilles heel injury:   the screen door chased me and stuck my heel,  There were 3 deep gashes which caused some bleeding (about a teaspoonful)  I was there at 5:40 and Vhen was there.  We thought we were left.  But after asking the people there, we knew we were not left.

True enough Pres Luis arrived, at 6:00 and so Archie arrived.  So at about 6:30 we started out for Morong.   We spun:  I had my gear at 39 x 17 or 39 x19 to practice leg speed.  I tried to be at the front spinning until Montevideo.   Then Jeff appeared.   and left me.  I chased them until near the Mun Building, I passed them.

However they caught up with me at Callahan.  Jeff and Archie stood up, chased them down hill and overtook them before going into the bend.  (I overtook a tricycle on 53 x 17) and down until km 44.

They were hot behind my heels going into Namay. I shifted down to 53 x21 and stood up and was ahead just before Sagbat.   We suggested we have breakfast at Pisong Kape and Pre and I were pedalling furiously.   just before Lagundi.  He said Jeff and Ven stopped.  We did a u turn and went back to Maybancal Pisong Kape.

So we had our breakfast there and the rest of the guys came:   Jimmy, Alan,  Master E, Jess,  Meong, Gerry

I had to turn back because of the Achilles heel injury.  Instead of Paete, they scaled down the ambition to wind turbine Altenergy site at KM 66 in Bugarin.

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