Monday, March 23, 2015

Solo bike ride to Tagaytay yesterday March 22, 2015

Wheels of Happiness

Rizal Philippines  | March 23, 2015

              The rain just stopped when I was in Daang Hari

Idol Ed Valdez informed me that he did a solo ride to Kaybiang  in Cavite rode out to Matabungkay and rode the very stiff hills.

Why dont I try a solo ride to Tagaytay City?

So I left at 6:00 am after paying a visit to St. Clement Parish. I was in C6 by 7:00 am and in Bicutan by 7:30, 7:45 in Sucat and 8:00 in  Alabang, 8:30 at Daang Hari and 9:00 at GMA corner Paliparan.  At Paliparan, I chanced upon, (overtook a young rider) I was spinning and he did not keep up.  I was in Silang town proper by  9:30 and was in Iglesia by 1030.

It was a day for adiks because it started to rain in Bicutan, and stopped or a while in Daang Hari.  At Aguinaldo highway in Silang, it started to rain again.

On the way back, it rained so hard - really hard.  I could not see a thing, the spray from cars overtaking soaked me.  I had to stop in Silang town proper to check my cell phone and camera and wrap them in plastic. That was about 3:00 pm.    At Greenwood, water from the highlands covered the roads and my shoes were wet from the flood waters.  I kept banging my front wheel into ruts because I could not see them.  Rain abated while in Greenwoods. That was about 3:30

It was completely dry at District, near Avida in Paliparan. But I had a flat tire. A glass splinter hit the tire.  While I had a spare interior, it delayed me quite a bit by 30 minutes because it would be dark when I get home.

I was at Daang Hari by 4:00 pm  (no rain), at Alabang by 4:30   at Sucat (the rain stopped)by 5:00 pm, at Bicutan by 5:30, 5:45 at C6 and at Highway 2000 fishport by 6:00 pm.  I was in Angono, by 6:20. (there was no rain.  it was completely dry)

 I was wet and soaked all over though.  What a ride.

What a ride.

                    The no bikers land at Taytay portion of C6

                       Not a priority for repair

      The sun was shining so I thought the weather was fine...

                     The very bad portion of C6

                   Another flagship mall of MV group

                          A lady biker at Daang Hari

                    Alabang boy bike adiks? May back up?

                         Having breakfast near Wilcon; hilaw kanin

                   No one seemed to attend this open house near Green woods.

                      After I too this pic, I had a flat

                         Nice Avida housing near Paliparan

                 Lake front park at Taguig near C6

                   Promenade at the breakwater/dike

                     Julius may have died avoiding these ruts

                   Dpwh is prioritizing drainage.  Work started last October 14, 2014

                      The throng gather near Napindan bridge

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