Monday, March 2, 2015

Altenergy wind tubines up close and personal - new bikers and tourist destination

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Angono Rizal, Philippines   |   March 2, 2015

Please visit Alt Energy

Yesterday my bike ride led me to go to the the 54 mW wind turbine project of Altenergy located in Bugarin, Pililla Rizal.   6 have been installed and the 7th one is being set up.   The propellers are quite huge and the towers are huge and tall.  The site itself is off limits to visitors.

The windmills are attracting a huge throng of visitors and tourists:   bikers, MC, and car owners.  No need to go to Ilocos to see windmills.  Before in USA we saw a huge number in Tracy California.  No need to spend $1,600.00 plane fare to go there!  It is right in Bugarin.

To go to the wind turbine site, ride up to KM 66 (past the Over Looking) and turn left and up before the bridge KM 66 marker.

From Morong Cardona boundary, you can see the wind turbines (here are about 9 all ready that are up)

See it and you will be amazed.!

           The signage at the post is the only indicator where the wind turbines are

                        Only 1/2 lane is cemented;  it is a challenging uphill climb;  I had to shift to 39 x 27

                         A number of MTB visited the site

                      Two of the six finished turbines


             This tower awaits the installation of the propellers

                       These are huge propellers about 50 ft long


             This is the closest we can get to the wind turbine


                            Many tourists/uzis

                            MTBs from Pasig City

                     The wind turbine and the transmission line

                       Headquarters of Mit or BMW?

                        View of Laguna Lake

                       This long bed truck transport the propellers

           This tower lacks the generator and the propeller

         Going downhill


                           Rather than going to KM 68

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