Sunday, October 16, 2011

Other Images of the Oct l6, 20ll ride

Have bike, we will help save the earth...

These are some images of the ride taken by a Nikon L23 coolpix  (a great point and shoot, technically superior affordable camera.  I love it.  Look at the quality of the images!!)

                         Master talking with Luis re his broken BB for compact ring; Amigo at the center

                                         Conversing at Pisong Cafe:  VM, Joel, June F, and Tito
                            Nolite and Bubuy;  Bubuy repairing a puncture

                                   Specialized Bike with Campy Parts;  Expensive Huh?

Defunct Mulawin Nitespot.  I saw this as emptied my bladder.  This is at Pililla intersection before the Mun Building.  What a waste?!!

How would I describe my ride today?  Well I caught up with Cataps and Netoy at Calumpang Hiway and we were not leaving one another until Morong (Simples Lugawan)  Gerry and Netoy had to cut short their ride because Gerry would buy watch parts (for his business; he repairs watches)

We got to see Ben who they said had prostrate problems.  He is OK now.  He said he tried to imitate 7 days that is why he had the difficulty.  Beware guys.  7 days is a bad example and influence (hehehe)

I was competitive with the group until as usual, km 53.  They left me there.  I tried to pursue until km 55.  I could see their backs. I was running at 35 TT, but could not catch up.  They said they were running 40 and 45.  Well I improved; I could maintain TT at 35.  The young guys are simply strong and getting stronger

I went up Bugarin until KM 69 using 50x2l.  It is a great training ride

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