Sunday, October 16, 2011

Binangonan Cycling Club Holds Race today October l6, 20ll

Have bike, we will help save the earth...

The Binangonan Cycling Club, BCC, holds today its annual bike race.  This time, unlike in the past it is open to everyone.  Its president is Mr. Ric Francisco.  He said we were classmates in the elementary some 47 years ago (Hehehe.  That is true)  I did not catch the race but I was able to take some pictures.

There were two categories:  open which took seven laps; and age categories for Binangonan cyclists which took  only 4 laps.  Weng (he joined us in the Real ride) and Angel won.  I thought it was  fun day and everybody enjoyed.

The Recyclists_20l0 donated a trophy c/o VM

                                               BCC Members Posing for the Event

                                     Brothers Angel and Weng Won in their Categories

                                                I guess that is Winston; he forgot me

                                            Ric  Francisco, the President, fmr schoolmate

                                            The winners posed with us, Recyclists_20l0

                      We were fortunate to have 7 days, Nanding, and Amigo with the Winners

Congratulations to Mr Ruben Francisco, BCC and the winners.

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