Saturday, June 6, 2015

My bike ride today Antipolo City and diversion at Cardona

Wheels of Happiness

Today I rode to Antipolo. I followed the advice that on some days, you have to stay seated while riding up.  That is what I did.  I did not stand.  On some days, you have to practice standing up.

Then, after joining the Recyclists at Simple's Lugawan, I  went to diversion to practice anaerobic riding.   One does not really get to master a hill (especially a steep hill) I stayed seated.

Advice when seated:     pedal forward instead of downward,  pull up too, use the core muscles too (back glutes and abs) instead of just quads and leg muscles to climb.   Stay low.   So that is how fixie riders climb the hills.

I hope these little rides prepare me for Sagada.  It is going to be tough I guess when we are at Sagada, or from Sagada to Halsema.

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